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What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

Soft tissue therapy is a combination of advanced treatment techniques to aid in recovery and rehabilitaion.

About me...

Emma Phillips LSSM Dip MISRM

Appointment costs & how to book.

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Soft Tissue Therapy & me

Soft Tissue Therapy.

Soft tissue therapy (STT) is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, using advanced massage and rehabilitation techniques. STT can be used for multiple reasons and has many physical and psychological benefits; 

  • To relieve chronic pain.
  • To aid in the recovery from injury.
  • To prevent injury, not only in the sporting context but STT can be used to aid posture and forms of stress. 
  • To treat numerous chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, plantar fasciitis and migraines, to name but a few.
  • To assist athletes in performance, offering pre, during and post event treatments.
  • To prepare the body for surgery: pre operative treatment will allow the body to be in the best form and will aid in the speed of recovery.
  • Post operative treatment will not only aid the speed of recovery, but can reduce scar tissue adhesions and will assist in regaining full functionality of the body safely. 

About me...

Since I could walk I had always loved dancing, sport, the great outdoors and generally being active. I danced from the age of 3 and studied it until I was 17.

At the age of 19 I followed in my parents footsteps and joined the RAF, knowing that the lifestyle that I had been provided with as a dependant was one that I wanted to continue. I served for 11 years as an Administrator and was later commissioned and became a Personnel Support Officer.  This enabled me to have a detailed, varied and rewarding career in welfare, training and management.

Throughout my time in the military, I continued my passion with sport but the RAF introduced me into the sport of waterskiing and wakeboarding and before i knew it I was hooked. I started competing Nationally around 10 years ago and I was selected for the GB Wakeboarding Boat Squad in 2017.  Competing at this level taught me a lot about injury, pain management and how to get the best from my body.

After having my second child I decided that my passion had become to study the human body in more detail, in particular how to help it function to the highest level, coping with demands that athletes required from it.  I started studying Soft Tissue Therapy with the London School of Sports Massage at Regents University and gained a Diploma Level 5 a year later.

Functional8ty was born, inspired to start my own business in soft tissue therapy I left the RAF and did just that. 

Experienced Knowledge

Since becoming a therapist I have been fortunate enough to have had some amazing opportunities, some of which have included; 

  • providing pre, during and post event treatments to world class elite athletes, in particular some of the worlds best wakeboarders at national and international events around the globe. 
  • provided therpist support to the RAF Judo and Wakeboard teams, undertaking pre, and post event work.
  • I have run my own clinic aiding the recovery of numbers of people, whether they have been suffering with stress or posture related injuries or some of which included post operative clients; helping them to gain full functionality after unsuccessful rehabilitation resulting in lengthy battles of recovery.

Appointment Costs and how to book

Appointments are available on request.

Appointment Costs

30 mins appointment - £30.00

60 mins appointment - £45.00

Event work - Discussed on enquiry.

Please note: For your first appointment I recommend booking an hour appointment as a consultation period is required.

To arrange a booking

To arrange a booking please either call or send me a message via the link below. Once your booking has been confirmed I will message you with my address and further details about your appointment.

Call me on ......

07854 829133

I work from a clinic in my own home in Digby, Lincolnshire but I have the capability to be mobile if required.

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